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About Us

Welcome to 3-4-5 Fun Hockey

The 3-4-5 Fun Hockey Program has been around for many years.  Since the 1996 – 1997 season, it has been sponsored by the Arcola East Community Association on behalf of all City of Regina Community Associations.

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Brian Schatz

Brian Schatz

3-4-5 Fun Hockey

Phone: 306-789-9052

Refund/Privacy Policies & Consent to Play/Waiver

Refund Policy:  In years past, normally there were no refunds. However, this is the "New Normal" dealing with CoVid-19.  We will provide full refunds if our season is cancelled in its entirety and we will provide prorated refunds based on expenses/length of season should we not start on time, end early or have any ice times cancelled during the year due to the effects of CoVid-19 Coronavirus or any other unforeseen problems. 

In addition, we don't want to see anyone forcing their children to the rink each Saturday just because of a paid registration. If your child is not having a FUN Hockey experience we will provide a full refund if the player withdraws prior to the start of the year; or partial refunds during the year, based on unused expenses only.  Withdrawal and requests for refund must be submitted in writing to the League executive. 

Privacy Policy:  The information provided on the registration form is used by 3-4-5 Fun Hockey for registration and administration purposes only. The player's first name, last name, jersey number and position may be displayed on the 3-4-5 Fun Hockey website for team rosters. 3-4-5 Fun Hockey will provide Extreme Hockey and Sport with the player's name/parent's name and home phone number for the sole purpose of administering the 3-4-5 Fun Hockey Loyalty Program. Extreme Hockey and Sport acknowledges that they shall use that information for the 3-4-5 Loyalty Program only and will not use it for any other purpose including but not limited to giving such information to a 3rd party.

Disclosure of Personal Information, Consent to Play and Waiver:

During the registration process you will be asked to provide your electronic signature verifying that:

I, the parent or legal guardian of the child registering:

  1. Do hereby grant consent for 3-4-5 FUN Hockey to collect and use personal information and/or photographs of my child for the current hockey season and next year's registration;
  2. Give permission for the child to participate in the 3-4-5 FUN Hockey League; and
  3. Release the Arcola East Community Association and its agents from damages incurred while participating.

2020 - 2021 Registration UPDATED Oct 11th

Our thoughts and prayers go to out to all those impacted by the CoVid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Our wishes are for everyone to Stay safe/healthy and have FUN!!!!

Our program had reach the limit of 504 players, but with some withdrawals spots have come available.  Please click on and complete the "Registration" and make payment.  We will place the player on a team and advise everyone so that the player can be ready for the Season Opener Saturday October 17th.

We are still working on finalizing of our Return to Play plan.  However, the City and province have given their go ahead on the draft and we have implemented a number of measures already.  What remains to be finalized is the number of parents who can stay and observe the activities during the session.

  1. We have limited each team to have 12 players and 3 coaches on the ice at one time (total of 30 for the 2 teams)
  2. We will have 42 teams this season
  3. We will follow City of Regina Indoor Arena guidelines  which include limits to when parent/player can enter and when they must leave the rink.  

We will begin our season the first Saturday after Thanksgiving - Oct 17th and expect to go to March 20th.     

In these uncertain times we are redoubling our efforts to make our program FUN, but more importantly, a safe introduction to a long life/lifelong involvement with hockey.  

We have revised our Refund Policy to make it clear that we will provide full refunds should the 2020 - 2021 Season be cancelled in its entirety and that we will provide prorated refunds should the season not start on time, end early or have games cancelled anytime during the season.  We will also issue full/pro rated refunds if you do not believe it safe for your child to be playing 3-4-5 FUN Hockey

Thank you for your interest in 3-4-5 FUN Hockey.  We look forward to you and your child's participation this coming season.

Have FUN!!!!