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What We Are & What We Do

  1. The name of the game is FUN HOCKEY for young players and for everyone involved with this program.  Please remember this very important point!
  2. Recommended Skating Skills for 3-4-5 Fun Hockey.  This is a Fun “Hockey” program for 3, 4 and 5 year olds and as such there will be times where the player is not on the ice.  For important skill development we strongly, strongly recommend players be also involved and participate in skating programs at the same time.

    We expect all participants to have a basic level of skating before they register.  That is – they have been out skating with mom/dad or even better, in a learn-to-skate program.  They are required to wear full equipment, so even though they may have been out skating before, they will find it a lot different with equipment on.  They should be able to get up when they fall down and at least shuffle to be able to get to the puck. We have found that those players who start the year with basic skating skills and a strong desire to be there – do well.  They will be challenged, but will have a significant improvement in their skills
  3. While we emphasize FUN, we also promote safety.  All players are expected to wear a complete set of properly fitting equipment.  Mouth guards are optional, but strongly recommended.  A point to note:  Hockey Regina requires all players wear mouth guards.
  4. Age Determination.  All players must be at least 3 years of age and no more than 5 years of age as at December 31st of the season being played.  However, because of the CoVid and limiting contacts we are prepared to consider exceptions and allow 6 year old players to play provided the player is not so skilled and not too big.  Please contact us to discuss this exemption further.
  5. Regular Season Practice/Game Times.  Generally all regular league practice/games are at the Staples, Mahon, Doug Wickenheiser and Kinsmen Arenas – exceptions will be noted on the team schedule.  

For the 2022 - 2023 season our ice times will be on every Saturday from October 15, 2022 until March 18, 2023 (not including December 24th and December 31st) and that:

STAPLES ARENA ICE TIMES  begin at 7:30 AM and go until 8:15 PM. 

MAHON ARENA ICE TIMES begin at 7:45 AM and go until 9:45 AM. 

DOUG WICKENHEISER ARENA ICE TIMES begin at 7:00 AM and go until 9:00 AM.

KINSMEN ARENA ICE TIMES begin at noon and go until 2:00 PM.

Because of the Grey Cup and other events needing the available ice, we do not have games on November 12th.  We will however, have games on November 11th at the Optimist and Kinsmen arenas from 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM

  1. Equal ice time! All players, regardless of current ability, are afforded the same ice time per shift and per game.
  2. At this point in time, we hope to have all additional events that we have normally had in addition to regular league practice/games.  Those additional events include one Tim Hortons/Regina Pats Timbits game; a UofR Cougars Men’s or Cougar’s Women Future Cougars game for each team; all 36 league teams attend a Regina Pats Hockey game; a mid-season tournament; and a League windup.  However, we are continuing to monitor Covid developments and if conditions worsen, we will consider postponing/cancelling additional events if deemed in the best interest of health and safety. 
  3. On-ice Coach/Parent Helpers.  The team coach is responsible for on-ice and bench parent helpers.
    1. Usually there is no limit for parent helpers for practice/instructional period - however this is the "New Normal" with CoVid - and there may be limits.
    2. For games/scrimmages however, as a guideline, up until Christmas there should be no more than three (3) on-ice coaches per team, with one of those coaches staying with the goalie.  After Christmas the league encourages only one (1) coach on the ice per team, as the older players must begin to adjust to what will be expected at the next level of hockey.  However, the actual number of coaches per team depends on the coach’s assessment of the need for on-ice instruction.
    3. On-ice coaches provide encouragement and oral instruction for positional play.  They get involved with the play only if safety is a consideration, eg) goalmouth scrabbles.  They do not have sticks during games.
    4. Coaches appreciate help on the bench to ensure players are on the ice as quick as possible and rotated through the positions (forward, defense and goalie).
  4.  Timekeepers/Scoreboard.  As the New Normal permits we will have 2 teams each ice time for scrimmages.  The Home team is to supply the Timekeeper.  All shifts are three (3) minutes straight running time.  The clock will be stopped and the buzzer sounded at the end of each shift.  There are no game sheets.  The scoreboard may be used to keep track of the score during a game, however keep the scores close.  Please do not post a score with a goal spread of more than 5.  Our goal is to keep the players in the game.
  5. Insurance policies dictate that ALL players must be registered with the League, and the parents have a current community association membership.  Parents must also sign off on the injury waiver form completed during the online registration process.  Therefore, coaches may NOT, under any circumstances, substitute any new players to fill in.  The League Executive through the regular registration process handles substitutes.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!  At no time shall anyone other than the parent coaches and registered players be allowed on the ice surface (practices or games).  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!
  6.  Team Jerseys and Socks.
    1. The League supplies each team with team jerseys and socks.  The coach will assign a team jersey and socks to each player.  The player and parents are responsible for the safekeeping and return of the jersey.  Socks are for the player to keep.
    2. Jerseys can be worn for team games/formal socials, tournament and the Pats Game – no other time please and thank you.
    3. Jerseys cost about $50.00 each.  A player will be charged to replace any lost jersey or ruined outside of normal wear and tear.  A player’s jersey is available for sale at the end of the season for $50.00 each.
    4. Please do not sew a name bar or other paraphernalia on the jersey.
    5. After the last league game players must turn in their jerseys to the coach.   As a general rule, no year-end trophies are given to a team until all jerseys have been accounted for.
    6. The league handles general repair for normal wear and tear, and normal replacement.
  7. Team Equipment. One (1) goalie stick is supplied to each team at the start of the season.  The Coach is to account for it's return at the end of the season.  The coach is responsible for providing her/his equipment for practice drills.  The rink may pylons and stacking chairs. 
  8. Please remember that these hockey players are only 3, 4 or 5 years of age.  We all want to provide the players with a fun and educational introduction to skating and ice hockey.  Keep it fun for the players and we will all have a good season.